• Educational Consulting

  • PSAT, SAT and ACT Test Prep

  • 5 Stage Program

  1. Initial interview with Educational Coach with a state-licensed counselor

  2. Ability/Personality/Interest assessment

  3. Exploring options from results of assessment

  4. Creation of personal profile for school course choices

  5. Decision-making & implementation of program

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Our goal is to help students better understand their personality, interests, values, and skills and help them make knowledgeable decisions throughout their education towards their future goals.  We help equip students with the capabilities to make confident choices about their goals and career in order to be more successful going forward into their educational future.

Initial interview with Educational Coach (State-licensed counselor)

Our program starts with a free face to face interview, if possible, with parents, student and educational coach.  This is a great opportunity to see how our program can benefit you and your student.  We provide a comprehensive assessment and debriefing of the assessment results with both you and your student.

Ability/Personality/Interest Assessment

For most students and parents - exploring career options, contemplating future goals or academic choices can be an overwhelming and frustrating experience. We believe the most critical stage in our program is self-assessment. We guide your child to explore their interests, skills, values and personality preferences as they relate to possible career and education alternatives.

Exploring options from the results of assessment

“Choices, choices, choices! Is it this class or that class; this college or that college, this branch of the military or that branch? What about vocational/technical schools or even more important, where do I apply for scholarships and financial aid if I need it? Ahhhhhh! I don’t have the time or resources to investigate all of these choices.”  9 times out of 10 you will hear this coming from parents and students alike. Help has arrived. Our integrated web-based program will help simplify this overwhelming task for you and your student.

Creation of a personal pathway profile for school course choices

Every student is unique - why not their pathways? By encouraging students to identify and follow their own personal pathway – be it 4-year university, 2-year college or some other pathway, all students are encouraged to choose the path best suited to their individual interests, skills and abilities.

Decision-making and implementation of Guide 2 Goals program

With you and your student’s needs in mind, your educational coach will formulate best fit options for you to choose from in the Guide 2 Goals program. The decision will always be yours.

Continued guidance and advisement with a personal educational coach

The Guide 2 Goals program offers you and your student continued guidance and advisement of changes in: the curriculum options offered by the state and your student’s home-school, test practice opportunities, tutoring services and scholarship/financial aid choices as they come available.